Online Access

For 2007 the institutional subscription to History of Science and Journal for the History of Astronomy includes online access through Ingenta at www.ingentaconnect.com.

If you already have an account with them you will need your customer identifiaction number. You will find this in the corner of your address label on all issues sent out in 2007. We can send you this by email as well. Contact: shp@shpltd.co.uk

If you need to open an account please follow Ingenta's instructions below.

Institutional registration and subscription activation on Ingenta Connect

In order to register and activate your journal subscriptions please go to www.ingentaconnect.com/register/institutional or alternatively click on ‘sign up here’ from www.ingentaconnect.com and select the ‘Institutional Registration’ form

The whole process involves 5 simple steps and should take you no more than 5 minutes. Please have ready the following information:

Contact details:

As administrator, your basic contact details

Your library/institution's name and address

If articles are to be received via fax or Ariel, a default fax number or the IP number of your Ariel machine (optional).


Access to IngentaConnect can be set up in two ways. You may choose one or both methods of authentication.

IP address/range (users accessing from computers within an IP range defined by the site administrator) - You may need to consult your network administrator for this information.

User name and password.

Step 1 – Institutional and administrator contact details

Step 2 – Authentication

Step 3 – Article delivery information

Step 4 – Admin sign in

Step 5 – Confirmation of Registration

The confirmation screen will provide you with your Ingenta customer ID number. Please provide this number whenever you contact Ingenta as this will allow them to bring up your registration details immediately. You can now click on the option to set up your institutional subscriptions.

To request access to additional titles just sign in with your Administrator username and password and select the subscriptions option. You can then view the titles to which you currently have access, or activate new ones.

If you need assistance you can contact Ingenta at help@ingentaconnect.com.

The NASA Astrophysics Data System
Back issues of the journal up to two years old are available for free download at NASA Astrophysics Data System